Glass splashbacks can be installed almost anywhere that wall tiles have traditionally been used, which makes them great for kitchens, bathrooms, or laundries.


Our glass splashbacks come standard on 5 mm thick toughened glass, which combines the best colour representation with safety and code compliance. We use two types of glass; standard or low iron. Standard glass is inherently green, which lends a green tinge to any colour coating beneath. This has the strongest effect on light or neutral colours. Darker colours are rendered approximately ¼ shade darker. Where colour match is particularly important we recommend the use of low iron glass which is almost completely clear and has a far lesser effect on the colour coating.


You can choose any colour from the Resene Colour Chart. If you have any troubles let us know, and we can help you decide what colours will look great in your home.


Glass Inspirations adheres to all safety requirements. NZS526.1:2003 requires glass splashbacks installed within 200 mm of a gas hob to be made from 5 mm thick toughened safety glass. All glass splashbacks installed in a bathroom must be in 5 mm toughened glass. All glass from Glass Inspirations is standard 5mm thick, toughened glass.


Your splashback must be affixed with a special adhesive that will not react with the colour coating.  Toughened glass splashbacks are suitable for both electric and gas hobs. Note that a gas hob should be installed in such a way that the flame cannot come into contact with or close proximity to the surface of the splashback. Generally this means keeping the hob at least 50mm from the surface of the splashback. If you have any questions, or would rather someone from Glass Inspirations installs your new splashback contact us, and we can do it all for you.

Size / Shape

All splashbacks, mirrors and other glass products are made custom at Glass Inspirations. All visible edges are bevelled and polished.


Cutouts for power points and switches can be put in your splashbacks. These should be a minimum of 50 mm from the edge of the glass.

Turn around time

Your splashback will normally take approximately 2-3 weeks to make.